Let's CC The World

A take on Colorado College. NOTE: All comments are made in jest. We love all inhabitants of the CC environment. No hard feelings :)

Anonymous asked: What are your tips for incoming freshmen?

Avoid being too codependent on RAs, friends and classmates in general. There are professionals on campus for that who are better equipped to help you (such as faculty, staff and Boettcher health center counselors). Don’t get too hung up on making friends. This isn’t high school and the fact that so many Freshmen are stuck on behaving like it is just ruins the experience. It’s not about who is more popular and friendships have a way of just getting formed. If a friendship isn’t working, pull out, and quick. 
Be responsible, practice caution when partying, don’t be afraid to call campus security if a friend is in trouble, don’t cut out your family too quickly (give into a few Skype sessions), and try a few new things. 

Basically be cool and don’t try to hard socially (focus some of that effort towards your classes). 

Anonymous asked: For the grey face--these are approx. and based on last year, but Rastall breakfast was about $5, lunch about $7, and dinner is $9.50. Everywhere else will obviously depend on what you buy (like rice bowl at Benji is around $6, latte is around $3, self explanatory, etc etc etc). Hope that helps.

There are the specs… hope it is helpful indeed. 

All joking aside, you will learn over time that the only number that matters is your balance at the bottom of your receipts. We call it monopoly money, but it does eventually run out. 

Anonymous asked: How many Tiger Bucks is Rastall/The Preserve/Benji's? I can't find this information anywhere online!

To be honest, even after attending CC for so long I couldn’t tell you the price for Rasty. But from that one time that I actually did look I think it was something like $10. The Preserve and Benji’s (and Colorado Coffee) are a la carte, so it depends on what you order. Also, here’s a link (in case you haven’t already found it ) http://www.cafebonappetit.com/menu/your-cafe/coloradocollege